24 Library-Songs

Hier noch mal alle bibliothekarischen Musiktitel aus unserem Adventskalender zum reinhören. Viel Spaß!
1.  A music video of the classic British song “I Love Librarians”.
2. Invitation – Welcome to the Library [Remix] (japanisch).
3. “Librarian’s Blues” by Keith Johnson.
4. “Library Song” – Official WELO Video.
5. “Roving Librarians; the M.A.P.H.A.T.”  Song and Video
6. Sesamstrasse – Marius Meier und die Alphabeats – “Rock’n’Roll-Leser”
7. Nathan Triz – “Library Man” Feat. Holly Harding
8. My Morning Jacket – From The Basement – “Librarian” [live]
9. Sliders – MC Poindexter and The Study Crew – “Library Rap”
10. “T van Tollebeek”, een animatie voor Droomwevers.
11. The Librarian Song
12. “The Most Interesting Librarian in the World”, iSchool of Syracuse University.
13. “You can go there”. Sång tillägnad Borlänge bibliotek
14. “OVERDUE” – The librarian doo-wap number
15. “Du willst mich küssen”, Die Ärzte, 1984
16. Arthur: “libary card”
17. “Oh Metadata!”
18. “Get It For You” – Falvey Memorial Library
19. Library Renewal: Zine and Song Debut
20. Athlete – “In The Library”

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