So sad to hear about Sue!


“!Oh gosh – Sue Townsend has just died. One of the funniest women who ever lived”, twitterte gestern Caitlin Moran. Und jeder, der gerne über den sprühenden Witz ihrer Bücher lachen konnte, wird nun trauern. Die gerade 68 Jahre alt gewordene britische Schriftstellerin war vor allem durch ihre Buchserie „Adrian Mole” bekannt geworden. Und für uns bleibt ihr Kampf für den Erhalt der Öffentlichen Bibliotheken in England unvergessen.

 Hier einige Zitate von und über Sue Townsend:

“I’ve always loved books. I’m passionate about them. I think books are sexy. They are smooth and solid and contain delightful surprises. They smell good. They fit into a handbag and can be carried around and opened at will. They don’t change. They are what they are and nothing else. One day I want to own a lot of books and have them nbear to me in my house, so that I can stroll to my bookshelves and choose what I fancy. I want a harem. I shall keep my favourites by my bed.” ST  Quelle
 “We had library book in our house, but not our own. So you had 14 days to read them. There would be eight books a fortnight in our house and I’d read as many of those as I could.” ST Quelle

“She would read anything she could lay hands on, especially books from the local library. She took out so many books that the local librarian used to test if she actually read them all because he suspected her of showing off.”  Jürgen Willems

“I’m a child of the municipal. Everything good had this word carved above its grand entrance. In Leicester, where I was born and still live, there were municipal libraries, majestic solid buildings with beautiful entrances, windows and doors, oak furniture and bookshelves.” ST Quelle


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